Notes shows you the wide delivery and service program of company Engelfried Maschinentechnik GmbH: New and used woodworking machines you find f.e. in the categories operating dissolutions and liquidations, drilling, dowelling, mortizing, turning lathes, CNC processing centres,  exhausting, hogger, briquetting, window production wood, window production wood, pvc, aluminium: wood, plastic and aluminum , window production: pvc, plastic , fitting centre, drilling and dowel inserting machine, double mitre saw, turning and tilting table, assembling table, window centre, window production centre, window production line, profiling centre, window tools, glazing bead saw, finger jointer, finger jointing machine, finger jointing line, cross rung milling machine, frame press, sanding machine, outside profiling machine, storm proofing machine, fourside moulder, planer, straightenning amchine, through feed moulder, moulder, milling, optimizing cutting saw, tenoner, tenoning machine, veneering, press, glue giving, transport, factory equipment, edge bander, edge bending machine, compressor, operating tools, machine tools, sharpenning , combined machines , surface processing, sander, sanding, brushing, sharpenning , saw , saw mill machines , carpentry machines, stair production, wndow production, furniture production of national and international manufacturers for woodworkig machines and tools such as Alterndorf, Biesse, Brandt, Bütfering, Casolin, CMS, Dimter, Finiture, Ganner, Götzinger, Gold, Graule, Grecon, Gubisch, Haberkon, Hess, Hoffmann, Holzma, Homag, Joos, Koch, Kündig, Kuper, Leitz, Löwer, Maka, Masterwood, Maweg, Nestro, Oertli, Okoma, Oppold, Ott, Panhans, Raimann, Range + Heine, Rapid, Riehle, Ruchser, Sac, Salvador, Saomad, Schafberger + Sprödhuber, Scm, Somako, Stark, Stegherr, Striffler, Strima, Weeke, Wegoma, Weima, Weinig, Working Process, Zuani and many more.

Buying and selling of new and used woodworking machines. Own technicians for repairings, installations and service. Offers subject to change and prior sale. All information and pictures without guarantee. Prices in € plus VAT, as it is, EXW current location.
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